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Payroll Automation: A Strategic Imperative for CFOs

Many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage payroll, despite transformational advances in finance technology and data analytics over the last decade. For larger firms, this is an expensive decision: they spend nearly 25% more time each week on payroll compliance projects compared to companies with advanced technology.

A lack of transparency into workforce effectiveness is another issue. Older methods hamper strategic decisions around staffing. But advanced technologies integrate payroll with HR, finance and decision makers. Payroll management technology also helps in key areas such as global compliance, data security and transparency. Outmoded systems lack the integration to tie payroll to these business concerns.  In this webinar, experts discuss:

  • Additional benefits of new payroll technology
  • Why this is an urgent priority
  • How to select the best technology for your company
  • The challenges CFOs face when putting a new system in place
Payroll Automation: A Strategic Imperative for CFOs